About Us

Excellent Worship, Excellent  Living, Excellent Faith


Whether you are new to the city of El Paso or you have lived here your whole life, I'm sure that the Smyrna Church is just the place you were searching for. We believe in practical, relevant ministry that produces EXCELLENT LIVING. As a matter of fact, from the moment you walk into our building until the time you leave, I guarantee that our worship team will do everything to ensure that you have an EXCELLENT WORSHIP experience and that it is memorable.

If you are searching for a church that studies and believes in the Word of God - you found it. Our team of ministers will even assist you in understanding the Bible and learning how to systematically study the word to develop an EXCELLENT FAITH. As long as you are seeking the peace of God, you will find it at the Smyrna Church. I am looking forward to having the pleasure of meeting you - how about this Saturday?


Elder Billy Green, Senior Pastor